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I saw the flickering shadows of love...

...but I was lost like a slave no man could free...

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r a b u r e s u - r a t i n g @ l j . c o m

Always thought that you were as insecure as Ritsuka? Masochistic like Soubi? Sweet as Yuiko? Well, here's the chance to see what other people think of you! This rating community was created to so each answer is for you to think out and answer so it applies to you personally, and not to a general group of people. Unlike online "quizzes", the character you will be voted as will be based on your, and -only- your personality. Therefore, please try and answer each question as honestly as you can so we can stamp you as the correct character!

the    a p p l i c a t i o n

r u l e s   &   i n f o r m a t i o n


01. All applications must be under an LJ-cut. Like so.

02. Try to use correct spelling/grammar/punctuation/etc. It makes it easier for us to rate you. Netspeak, l33t, and similar are also frowned upon.

03. If you disagree with the character you were stamped as, please wait at least two weeks until resubmitting your application. You may only re-apply once if you are dissatisfied with your first outcome.

04. Don't start any fights. This is a rating community, not a flaming board. Common courtesy is a given.

05. In order to prove to the mods that you've taken the time to read through the rules, please type "suki da yo" in the subject line of your application. If this is not done, we will prompt you to go back and read the rules. If you don't edit it in after three days, your application will be deleted.

06. Always remember that elaboration will prove for a more accurate rating.

07. You must vote on at least three other applications prior to posting your own.


01. Make sure your vote is bolded. It's nice for the applicant if you explain the reasoning for your vote. If you are truly undecided on who to vote a person as, you are allowed to vote for up to two characters. Others may be mentioned, but only two that you bold will be counted towards stamping.

02. Try not to comment and lead to discussion too much on entries. It disdtracts from the actual voting and is hard to actually decipher who has a number of votes.

03. Respect is expected within this community. If any disrespect or wank is brought here, you will be banned without hesitation without prior warning. No questions will be asked.

04. Deleted journals will be removed from the community members list.

s t a m p e d     m e m b e r s

For a complete list of stamped members, please click here.
If it has been a reasonable amount of time and you still have not been stamped, please leave a comment here.

t h e m e s

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If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or would like to help out with the community, please contact us at raburesu.rating@yahoo.com. You can also contact one of the maintainers listed below. Thank you!

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